Meet Max

Max Federman was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. He has strived his entire life to make Oklahoma better. In high school, Max created a recycling service in his local community after noticing there wasn’t one. After demonstrating there was a demand, the City of Nichols Hills mobilized to fill the need.  

Later, Max stood up in the face of hate by organizing a diverse coalition to counter demonstrate when the Westboro Baptist Church came through Oklahoma City to try to intimidate families of fallen soldiers. The coalition included members of the Jewish, LGBTQ+, and Muslim communities as well as Veterans and the Hells Angels.  

Max left Oklahoma to attend The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to study economics and business. After graduating, Max used what he learned to get a job in the film industry in Los Angeles, where he helped create hundreds of jobs in states across the country. 

After using his entrepreneurial experience to grow a small startup into a digital phenomenon, he took on a series of positions as a live event producer. Through these positions, he led, motivated and coordinated people on large scale projects to get things done.

Max moved on to work on several national political campaigns. During his time on these campaigns, he engaged with thousands of disaffected voters and registered hundreds of new ones in a multitude of diverse communities. 

Having never backed down from a challenge (especially for causes he believes in), he stands ready to take on the challenges facing Oklahoma as it continues to grow. Max Federman will work for the people of Oklahoma to make this state-our state-the place we all know it can be.

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